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ZhongYe UV flatbed printer in UV series adopts print heads of Epson DX5 or Japanese Spt series, with double servo drivers (Japanese Panasonic’s or Fuji’s servo motor and motor driver) equipped. The maximum height for printing reaches up to 8cm. It replaces the traditional printing technology for hand-drawn, screen-painting, heat transfer printing, and film coating process, which brings about individualization, small-lot, multi-item, multicolor, prompt delivery for customers, realizing digital printing process of the formless, non-contact, and instant printing on different kinds of sheet materials and roll materials, such as KT board, PVC board, plexiglass, glass, ceramic, metal, and leather, etc. The products of this series are real multifunctional-compatible printing equipment.
Advantage of Epson DX5 - Compatible with high resolution and high speed. Newly developed high-speed print head.

DX5This is a newly developed high - speed printing head containing 180 nozzles x 8 lines, allows for ease of assembly and calibration. With its increased print head accuracy, it delivers truly high quality print of 1.440 dpi. In addition, the improved running efficiency has improved the print speed by 30%. Print quality in 4-color bidirectional mode is also improved using a "symmetric ink arrangement".

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