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Preferujete lité (coatované) bannery více než laminované?

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ZhongYe Solvent Printer: adopting SPT and Xaar series printheads. Locating mode is combined with DC motor and raster. This kind of printer is widely used for outdoor printing.It will be your first choice of high-speed & high-resolution printing upto 90m2/h speed and 1440dpi resolutionAbove printing speed is at the basis of  SPT510 printheads(180x180 dpi) or Xaar500 printheads (180x180 dpi).The printer can also adopt 255 printheads but the printing speed will decrease half. 

Configuration below is according to different models: 
Motor: Japanese Panasonic, Fuji AC servo motor; 
Rail:Japanese THK,Tawinese HWIN; 
Heating system:front&back double heating; 
Feed-in&take-up system:IR controlled auto feed-in&take-up system; 
Printhead cleaning system: positive pressure, vaccum 
Ink system:German KNF ink supply system,Japanese negative pressure system.

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