Swistar | S2500: 250cm, 1440dpi (2880dpi), 14-50sqm/h, 2-5mm


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S2500: 250cm, 1440dpi (2880dpi), 14-50sqm/h, 2-5mm

 S series

Textile Inkjet Printer: with high resolution, outdoor and indoor applied, designed especially for printing of Textile, sublimation banner cloth,etc. Adopts the Epson 5th Generation of Micro Piezo Technology,print head width up to 24.5 mm,each head has 1440 nozzles in 8 rows,With precise steel belt driving mode,to realize higher resolution,more stable printing, longer using life. (belt is optional for 2.5 and 3.2m models )Using the static noise guide rail in printer frame,to realize more smooth and stable running, longer life, and lower noise. Strong media feed-in system, for smooth printing on heavy  materials, such as textile, sublimation banner cloth, and so on.Unique wide strong media roller, to ensure stablity of media feed-in.Independently develop intelligent print head cleaning and moisturizing device, and provide a safe and convenient print head cleaning and maintenance function.

Print head Micro Piezo print head,3.5PL Ink Droplet Size(EPSONDX5)1-2pieces(optional)
4 colors:C,M,Y,K
Printer Head Height :Adjustable 2~5mm
Printing resolution 1440DPI(2880DPI MAXIMUM)
Printing width 2.5m
Printing speed Draft Mode:50㎡/h
Standard Mode:26㎡/h
Quality Mode:14㎡/h
Drying System Temperature digital controlling heating,front,middle and back (optional); Heating equipment.
Media Media width:2.5m
Automatic feeder,Automatic take up (optional)
Textile, Sublimation banner cloth etc. materials.
Sublimation dye
Supported Image Format:TIFF,JPEG,PDF and other common image formats
Control Software Chinese version and English version
Operating System WINDOWS XP
Voltage 220~240V50/60HZ
Operating Enviroment 1000W(maximum)300W(standard)
Humidity:40%-70% non condensation
Dimension Machine size:3.6m*0.9m*1.25m
Net weight:340KG
Gross weight:450KG
Remark Make the above parameters is 2 heads,2.5 meter machine test standard,if there are some changes,will be not noticed.
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