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UVB SERIES: Universal HYBRID - flat-bed & roll printer


This is a simple, but full-featured UV printer at a reasonable price. Its capabilities are to mainly print desks but also flexible materials . There are two options; one DX5 print head (CMYK) or another configuration with two printing heads. The two-head configuration comes either with the emphasis on performance (CMYK + CMYK) or with the requirement for greater functionality with white ink (CMYK + WWWW).
UV LED lamps have a constant light intensity and precise wavelength radiation. But the main feature is low power consumption and minimal heating emissions without any influence to the degradation of the printing media quality. Ink supply works automatically from liter bottles. Likewise, the formation of printed media occurs easily.
Printer handling is user-friendly, including setting up print modes and parameters thanks to the e-Printer application of the operator’s workstation.
From within the application all the information is easily available about time and the printing ink costs. Because of the knowledge of these consumables you can calculate the price of the printing output very accurately.
The printer maintenance is a combination of automatic printing heads cleaning process and occasional manual polishing with sufficient space for this handy operation.
Especially the CMYK + W printer configuration enables some special, not common used, applications because of the machine sufficient mechanical accuracy for repeating passes.

»Technical Specifications:
Names: UVB-EP (Epson printheads), UVB-SK (Seiko printheads), UVB-KM (Konica printheads)
Class: UVB series
Print technology: Drop-on-demand Piezo electric
Printheads: Epson DX5/DX7 - 3,5pl or Seiko SPT 255 - 12pl or Konica KM1024MHB - 14pl
Configuring the printheads: CMYK or CMYKLcLm or CMYK+W or CYMKLcLm+W
Print sizes: 2,50m x 1,25m or 2,50m x 1,55m or 3,00m x 1,80m or 3,50m x 2,00m
Print height: 10cm
Resolution: 1440dpi max
Speed: In the attached PDF.
Locating mode: Raster /servo
Colors: CMYK W LC LM
Media handle: table / role printer - the sheets / plates / coils
Media types: KT board;PVC board;Plexiglass board;glass board;ceramic board,tile;metal board;leather and flex banner,mesh,one way vision,vinyl etc.
Drying system: UV LED
File format: TIFF,Postscript 3,JPEG,EPS,PDF
Working process: Printmon software for OS Windows
Rip: SAi PhotoPRINT
Power supply: 50hz/60hz 220V(10%)20A
Operation enviroment: Temperature: 18-26°C; Humidity 40%-70%
Dimension: max 4,6m x 2,2m x 1,4m
Weight: 1000 - 1800Kg

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