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Docan: Printer for more demanding customers


Quick powerful industry designed UV printer with low printing costs. The machine is equipped by high level of Konica-Minolta printing heads. The printer can be delivered like CMYK or CMYKcm including white and varnish or without these additional (W+V) channels. The varieties of materials are to be printed up to the thickness of 8cm. There are used UV lamps curing that mean less printing costs in the comparison with UVLED. Photoprint, Caldera or Onyx RIPs can come with the machine. Docan M10 is simple reliably solution for higher productivity printing.

»Technical Specifications:
Model: M10
Category: M series
Printhead: KM-1024-14PL; Drop-on-demand Piezo Electic
Nozzle: Piezoelectric Inkjet (max. 16)
Printing size: max. 205cm x 320cm
Resolution: 1440 DPI
Speed: Fast Mode:29m2/h; Standard Mode:21m2/h;
Quality Mode:17m2/h; Super Mode: 13m2/h
Drying system: UV lamp
Media: Glass, PVC, foam board, ceramic, aluminum, metal, wood, wallpaper, composite, canvas, leather, etc.
Media thickness: 1-100mm
Colors: UV curing ink; C M Y K nebo C M Y K Lc Lm; White & varnish
Color Management: Icc Based Color, Curves Adjustment, Density Adjustment
RIP: Photoprint/ Onyx/ Caldrea
Format: Tiff, Jpeg, Postscript 3, Eps and Pdf
Power: 50/60Hz 220v (10%) >30A
Operating environment:

Temperature: 20-28°C; Humidity: 40%-60%


4,8m x 3,93 x 1,38m; Weight: 2160Kg

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