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How to work with basket

If you want to put the goods to the basket, fill in requested quantity to the box "Add to basket"  and push "OK" button. Then the message "This item has been successfully added to the basket" appears. This is indicated in the top right screen  “Basket” panel simultaneously. Here you can see final quantity of the goods and its total price without VAT.   

If you want to change the requested quantity of the goods, change the value and confirm by “OK” bottom.

If you need to put the respective goods out of the basket replace earlier entered quantity by "0" and push “OK” button, or simply push "X" button below. The goods will be taken away from the basket then.

If you want to empty basket completely, push the “EMPTY BASKET" button.

In order to view the basket's content click on the [Show Basket / Order] button on the top right panel of the screen or simply push orange "GO TO THE BASKET" button at the middle bottom of the screen. Then you jump to the basket overview directly.

Otherwise in case you don’t want to have a look to the basket overview screen first you can go ahead directly to the finishing of the order by pressing [Show Basket / Order] button on the top right panel of the screen.

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