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How to order

If you have already added all requested items to the basket, follow with finalization of the order. You can do it either by pressing “FINAL ORDER” button if you are in the basket overview screen level or you can press [Show Basket / Order] button any time if some items are placed into the basket.

In the following step supplementary information of the order (contact details, delivery address, warehouse selection, shipment methods, message confirming of selected kind of transport, selection of order number – your own series / order number generated by the system) will appear. At the bottom there is “Additional notes” window. Here you can add all additional information like special pricing, different condition of trade … etc.)

As soon as you already filled in all obligatory data on this “The finalization of the contract of sale” screen you can confirm the order by pressing of “ORDER” button or you can go back to the basket by pressing “BACK TO BASKET” button. Then, after “ORDER” button pushing you can see “Suggestion of the contract of purchase – Exposed: DD.MM.YYYY”. These conditions and all other rules stated in the section “Trade” - in pop-up menu, especially the article http://www.swistar.cz/clanky/553718 are irrevocable conditions of the purchasing contract which become obligatory for both parties immediately as you confirm the contract by the final procedure. The final procedure is to be understood sending and confirming the order by pressing orange “SEND ORDER” button. Doing it so, you send the order to our information system for next processing. Thanks to that three copies of the purchase contract confirmation are going sent to your e-mail, to our sales department and finally to selected warehouse inPrague or inBratislava. Accordingly with confirmations, stock release note and carriage order (in case one is selected in the order) are being sent for next execution.

Otherwise in case you decided top change something in the order press orange “BACK” button.

In order to avoid unwanted disappearing or delays of e-mails on the way to the storage and to the carrier the system generates SMS which are delivered to the respective receivers in parallel way.

Accordingly upon the set-up level of your rights this order will be executed in our information center like confirmed or will be approved within next 4 hours after the receiving with following final execution.

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