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Complaint rules

Before the confirmation or the acceptance of goods directly from the storage area Swistar s.r.o. or from chosen transporter, the buyer is obliged to check whether the package was not damaged in the transportation process. If so, he is then obliged to determine whether the product inside the package was damaged as well. The buyer is also obliged to immediately or to two days at the latest inform the transporter, as well as the distributor on any possible damage. If the complaint rule does not say otherwise, the process of the complaint procedure is ruled by trade conditions of Swistar s.r.o., article number 17.and by the commercial code in the correct wording.

For the successful adjustment of the complaint, following conditions apply:

If it is necessary to claim the goods, please let the distributor know realized defects as soon as possible. You can either use our e-mail address sales@swistar.cz, our phone number or our postal address cited in contacts altogether with other basic information:

  • Which goods you claim 
  • Reason of the claim
  • Address, IČO (Identification number of an organization) of the buyer
  • Number of the Invoicing, eventually number of the delivery note
  • Number of claimed goods
  • Description of the defect + distinct photograph of the defect
  • Date of the purchase
  • Number of the production batch, so-called Lot #, for example LOT# : 451109/002/003/0635(M00)
Without this number, which you can find on the cardboard box or inside the cup of the roll, the claim can not be further processed and the claim will not be confirmed.

The guarantee refers only to production defects. The guarantee does not refer to defects caused by the usual attrition, the wrong use, manipulation and storage of the product.

The product that you are claiming is necessary to return in undamaged case with the appropriate receipt. In case that we find a production defect, the product will be changed for another one or the monetary sum will be returned. Be aware that this sum dost not include postal charge and the money needed for packing.

In case of damage in the transportation process, the transporter is responsible for this damage.

The duration of guarantee provided in the course of purchase, see trade conditions, article number 17

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