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X-Board Print™ is an eco-friendly, lightweight composite board which is revolutionising multiple industries across the globe. X-Board is an eco-friendly closed-cell honeycomb board, ideal for cubic (3D) applications.

This unique product offers designers and manufacturers an exciting new alternative to MDF, particle board and foamed-core boards, typically used for creating structures and displays of all types. It is the ideal replacement for vinyl and PVC currently used in the printing, signage and point-of-sale industries. X-Board Print™ is a natural fibre based board consisting of a 100% recycled kraft core sandwiched between white, repulpable liners. X-Board Print’s TM high-crush strength paper core is manufactured from post-consumer recycled paper and sugar cane waste. Due to its kraft content, X-Board Print™ is best disposed of in paper-recycling bins after use. It contains no waxes or polyethylene, is VQC-free and no harmful chemicals are emitted during the production process. The versatility of Xanita's X-Board Print™ allows for a myriad of design possibilities. The distinct qualities which differentiate X-Board Print™ from its competitors are its unparalleled environmental credentials, and its excellent printability. Panels can be UV inkjet or screen printed directly or decorative laminates can be applied over the board for a beautiful finish. X-Board Print™ can be mitre-cut, folded or curved, shape cut, canvas or fabric-wrapped, photo-mounted and fastened together with velcro, hot-melt adhesive or magnetic strips. With X-Board Print™, if you can design it, you can do it. 

»Product description

Product consists of printable paper liner and inner kraft reinforced base. Specialized coatings and exceptional internal-fibre properties ensure optimum board stability. 

»Recommended application
X-Board Print™ is suitable for applications that require a rigid and stable substrate with exciting surface finishes. It is ideal for replacement of traditional wood based products, as well as offering exciting alternative finishes to your end application without any post lamination of gluing.
»Manufacturing and testing conditions
The products are manufactured under stringent manufacturing processes and Quality Control conditions. Product testing and development are conducted in accordance with International quality standards.
»Product properties
    1. Appearance
      The surface of the material is free of blisters, foreign matter, marks, etc. The color and finish is a commercially acceptable match to the customer approved master sample.
    2. Printability characteristic
      • Printable on both sides.
      • Both sides show the same visual surface properties as well as print performance.
      • Excellent printability: solvent, screen, UV digital and screen.
    3. Product attributes
      • Excellent rigidity and stability under representative indoor humidity and temperature fluctuations.
      • Excellent condensate and moisture hold out under varying conditions.
    4. Environmental attributes
      • All components are classified as non-hazardous according to the EEC HAZARD CLASSIFICATION.
      •All components are not considered as chemical or biological hazards.
      • No volatile carcinogenic decomposition.
      • VOC (volatile organic compound) none to negligible – none less than 5ppm (parts per million).
      • All components have supplier certification of repulpability.
      X-Board Print™ is classified as fully re-pulpable in normal paper and pulping lines.
      • Certified as repulpable.
      • Honey comb core consists of 97% post-consumer fibre waste.
    5. Classification of fire behavior
      • DIN4102 and SANS10177approved.
      • No toxic fumes when burned.
      • Non-explosive.
      • Low fire load rating based on low calorific value when burning.
    6. Converting and application specifications
      • Recommended application temperature range: 5º C and 45º C.
      • Recommended room temperature for CNC cutting: 21º C ±3º C.
    7.  Board Sizes
      • Typical (most commonly used ) format in our warehouse is 122cm x 290cm

  122cm x 244cm
  122cm x 360cm
  Other Lengths
  (Maximum)   (Special)
  Yes   On request
  Yes   On request
  Other thickness
  On request
  On request
  On request

*   Minimum indoor durability is 36 months.

      1. Product physical properties
  Test Mode
  10mm   16mm
  1,9   2,4
  Crush strength(ton/m2)
  90   90
   Flexural strength(kg)

Note: values above represent average values obtained.

 Test Mode
Low temperature resistance
Exposure to-5ºC for 48hours.
No visible changes
High temperature resistance
 Exposure to 70ºC for 48hours.
No visible changes
Humidity resistance(kg)
ASTMC473:Vertical exposure in humidity cabinet for 48 hours 90% humidity and 40ºC
No visible changes, deformation, warping, swelling or fungi growth.

    1. Documentation
      This specification is based on Xanita Research & Development expertise and results researched during the development of the X-BoardPrint™ product.

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