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Veika DecoJet



Specifically designed for the printing of digital wall-coverings with eco-solvent inks. 

Coating of the substrate is optimised for digital eco-solvent BALANCE ink is produced by VEIKA as well. When both VEIKA substrate and inks are used, they provide the perfect combination and give fastest drying rates, vivid colours and defect-free printing.

VEIKA DECOJET digital wallpapers are made on the highest quality material and meet the highest regulation standards. The 50 meters of wall covering are conveniently wounded on 76 mm cores that allow easily installation on the printer and several hours of non-stop production.

Texture and Sand Drift is in stock. Other patterns from the catalog can be delivered individual requirements

Roll Width Roll Length Core Diameter Weight Thickness
1.07m 50m 76mm Non-wilven 65g/m2
Coating 180-200g/m2

veika decojet2

  • proofed by ECO-INSTITUTE
  • no odor
  • fully recycable
  • easy to wash
  • durable
  • easy to apply and remove
  • many designs

Leaflet in PDF

Název souboru Typ Velikost Stáhnout
Classification of reaction to fire pdf 221 kB stáhnout
Decojet_EN pdf 455 kB stáhnout
ECO_INSTITUT_France pdf 231 kB stáhnout
ECO INSTITUT German pdf 231 kB stáhnout
Veika Quality Certificate pdf 1587 kB stáhnout
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